thug life.

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This is cool as fuck

surrender your bwave or prepare to fight

I can’t believe I actually like this. It’s too good. Execution game, 15th century. 

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Just how i been feeling lately!

I just feel luke you lost love for me. That you don’t love me no more!
It’s how i feel and i don’t like it!


Im a virgin lol jk



Never have I felt so mediocre when it comes to sex. I have always been very good at it, (hahaha such a awkward subject) but with him. I feel like I know nothing. I know he enjoys it very much but when i hear about his past and the things that he likes or the things girls have done to him or he has…


a lil bit of us
I love her so much


I’m hurting so much…about everything…I hate life…I just want to die. I want to succeed this time. Please God just let them go down easily.

Dom.-_- stop. You can do it.

Becoming more of an adult

Man i feel like im getting my shit together this year! I bought a honda accord and a 240sx 2 cars already ive been paying rent for moms the past 2months and still have money . 2014 is gunna be my year:))

Motivated to succeed

Every time im about to give up i think to myself “i can do it I’ve gotten this far”